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Welcome to the National Household Employer Association (NHEA)
Welcome to the National Household Employer Association (NHEA)
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NHEA aims to provide education and support to every member to help build and maintain a successful working relationship between employer and employee.

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Being a household employer, and all that it involves to set-up and manage the employment of one or many professionals in your own home, is a complex and time-consuming process.

As a NHEA member you will automatically receive help and advice to make this easier:

 lt-blue Free copy of the one-of-a-kind handbook which guides household employers on how to hire, manage and retain household employees.
  lt-blue Free Household HR documents designed specifically for household employers.

NHEA provides a range of recommended member solutions to the most common household employment services that you may find useful to your needs as an employer. They include:

 lt-blue Health insurance as an employee benefit
  lt-blue Payroll and tax services and advice
  lt-blue Household HR best practice and procedures
 lt-blue Lifestyle products

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