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Welcome to the National Household Employer Association (NHEA)
Welcome to the National Household Employer Association (NHEA)
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NHEA is the premier association for employers of household staff. We offer an association for household employers where you can

learn more about how to successfully hire, employ and retain your household staff

connect with other household employers to discuss relevant and common issues

find expertise, help and low-cost solutions to enhance you and your employee’s household employment experience
NHEA aims to provide education and support to every member to help build and maintain a successful working relationship between employer and employee.

Top Reasons

  Reason 1   Promoting best practices and setting the example for fellow household employers.
  Reason 2   Ability to communicate concerns and find solutions with fellow household employers.
  Reason 3   A free copy of the new edition of the book, How to Hire a Nanny: A Household HR Handbook.
  Reason 4   Access to expert educational materials on essential legal, tax and HR topics.
  Reason 5   Regular e-newsletters on household employment law, tips and current trends.
  Reason 6   Access to money-saving services relevant to employing someone in your home.
  Reason 7   Access to a broad range of health insurance options for the household employment industry.
  Reason 8   Access to an affordable 401K retirement plan for household employees.
  Reason 9   Discounts on human resource documents designed specifically for the household employment industry.
  Reason 10   Access to workers’ compensation insurance options for most states.