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Welcome to the National Household Employer Association (NHEA)
Welcome to the National Household Employer Association (NHEA)
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NHEA is the first association ever to be created for employers of household staff. We offer an online association for household employers where you can

learn more about how to successfully hire, employ and retain your household staff

connect with other household employers to discuss relevant and common issues

find expertise, help and low-cost solutions to enhance you and your employee’s household employment experience
NHEA aims to provide education and support to every member to help build and maintain a successful working relationship between employer and employee.

Top Reasons

NHEA’s promise to its members:

  To help you learn more about employing a professional in your home and to develop management and staff skills and find best practice tips
  To provide a place for you to communicate and connect with other household employers and discuss relevant and common household employment issues
  To aid you in your search to find the best and most useful services to make employing a household worker easier. NHEA provides information on a variety of insurances for household employment, payroll and tax services, human resources and much more.
  lt-blue To listen and lobby. Common household employment issues raise their heads all the time. Anything from tax breaks to immigration. NHEA wants to help clear the muddy water surrounding any confusion in details and help change the way things are done…for the better.
  lt-blue To save you money: by offering group services and products with the corresponding group discounts available to other membership organizations.

NHEA has also established a Code of Ethics for members. Read them here.

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NHEA’s founder: Guy Maddalone

National Household Employer Association (NHEA) is the brainchild of Guy Maddalone. Author of the acclaimed reference guide, 'How to Hire A Nanny: A Household HR® Handbook - Your Complete Guide to Finding, Hiring and Retaining a Nanny and other Household Help' (Sphinx Legal), and widely-recognized as the nation's 'Household Employment Expert', Guy has over 25 years of leadership in the household employment industry. A sought-after, trusted, and proven business leader, Guy has helped thousands of families with payroll, human resources and insurance services.

Conducting educational seminars throughout the country on the household employment industry, household human resources, nanny payroll taxes, IRS audits, household tax compliance, and dependent care services for corporations, Guy is a work/life consultant to GE and well-known Financial Institutions, among other corporations; as well as a licensed insurance broker in many states, specializing in workers' compensation. His company, GTM Payroll Services Inc., donates the technical assistance, administrative support and educational material to the NHEA for member use.

GTM Payroll Services Inc. is the most established household payroll, tax, human resources and insurance service provider in the U.S. The only SAS-70 certified service provider in the industry, GTM serves thousands of clients and processes over $1 billion a year in payroll. Since 1991, GTM's EasyPay® services have saved clients tremendous amounts of time and money, while eliminating the hassles of being a household employer. GTM also helps provide household employers with effective human resources solutions and insurance services to help make hiring and retaining an employee in the home easier. GTM Payroll Services combines the highest levels of customer service, premium solutions, industry-leading software, and secure and compliant payroll and tax solutions, delivering better advice, better service and better value for an easier life!