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Welcome to the National Household Employer Association (NHEA)
Welcome to the National Household Employer Association (NHEA)
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NHEA aims to provide education and support to every member to help build and maintain a successful working relationship between employer and employee.

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NHEA recommends GTM’s EasyPay® tax and payroll service for household professionals. It is a simple and easy way to handle all your tax and payroll details. It saves you hassle, ensures you abide by complicated legal regulations and includes a whole host of useful services including direct deposit and electronic tax filing.

As an added benefit of being a NHEA member, you receive almost 50% off the cost of your initial EasyPay® sign-up fee.

GTM also has a great tax resource center with a wealth of handy tips and forms that you will need as a household employer.

Interested? Sign-up to EasyPay® here or call 1-888-4EASYPAY (888-432-7972) and mention you are a NHEA member to qualify for your NHEA discount.