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Welcome to the National Household Employer Association (NHEA)
Welcome, John Smith
NHEA aims to provide education and support to every member to help build and maintain a successful working relationship between employer and employee.

Learn with NHEA

Our e-learning site is provided by Please login to ScribeStudio (no cost involved) to access our e-learning seminars and quizzes for household employers.

Topics include:

  Types of Household Help
   Hiring Your Nanny or Other Household Help
   Using an Agency to Hire Household Help
   The Work Agreement
   Personnel Practices for the Home
   Determining Wages and Scheduling Hours
   Employee Benefits to Help Retain the Best
   Managing Payroll and Taxes
   Health and Safety Rules and Tips
   Illegal Discrimination in the Home
   Termination, Resignation and Saying Goodbye

Coming soon: E-learning for your household help: relevant employment skill seminars online for your employee(s).